Native push notifications Efficient tool to increase your ROI!

What are native
push notifications?

Clickable messages that are sent by an app or a website. They allow to effectively re-engage the users with customized content in real time. Push notifications contain useful information for subscribers, which isn't irritative and doesn't distract from main content.

How do they work?

Visitors subscribe to receiving notifications

They see your ad content as often as you choose them to

By clicking on a push the user is redirected to your website or mobile application

How to set up a push-campaign?

Easy, using our step-by-step guide.

Why are push notifications a good idea for you?

  • Clients get high-quality user experience
  • Publishers get engaged audience
  • You get conversions
  • In-depth audience targeting
  • Your ad will be delivered even when a subscriber is not using the website or the app
  • Higher CTR compared to other ad formats
  • A/B testing of creatives and ad content
  • Real-time statistics for your campaign optimization

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